About Udemy Business

With Udemy Business, organizations can grow their people and their business by offering top-rated courses on the topics they need to develop and innovate. PepsiCo, Intuit, Booz Allen Hamilton, Volkswagen, and many other industry-leading companies rely on Udemy to upskill their employees and keep up with the pace of change. Read more about how Udemy Business is helping customers meet their learning needs (English only).

Udemy Business offers a subscription package of select Udemy courses to customers, along with administrative features and other services. Courses included in Udemy Business are chosen primarily for their relevance to the business and strong learner response. Instructors included in Udemy Business benefit from an additional revenue stream and unique brand visibility in front of a new business audience.

Getting involved

We use a variety of criteria to determine which courses to add to the Udemy Business collection. Our content strategy team works to determine the most relevant subjects for professional learners across industries. We then choose courses on those subjects based on quality, which we measure through learner feedback (recent course ratings and engagement) and appropriateness for a professional audience. The courses with the strongest social proof and professional fit within each subject area are curated into the collection.

You will receive a notification if the content curation team determines that your content would be a good addition to the collection.

We only consider courses from instructors who have opted into the Udemy Business program. Note that opting in to the program means that you agree to host any included content exclusively on Udemy. Read more about exclusivity in section 3.2 of the Promotions Policy.

In-demand topics

We’re always working to expand our content collection, and we regularly receive specific content requests from customers. We prioritize review of courses on topics with a direct customer request or other signals of unmet demand among Udemy Business customers, as well as non-English courses on professional/technical topics.

You can explore the specific English topics we’re looking to fill with new content. Please note the instructional level – Beginner, Intermediate, Expert or All Levels – so you can tailor your efforts to the specific learner audience we’re looking to serve. For languages outside English, we encourage development of high-quality content on a wide range of professional subjects at various levels. 

Revenue share for Udemy Business

On Udemy Business, instructors are compensated based on learner engagement, rather than on enrollment or purchase.

Each month, Udemy allocates 25% of monthly subscription revenue from Udemy Business customers as the instructor revenue pool. Each instructor’s share of this amount is equal to their share of the total minutes consumed across all Udemy Business courses. For example, if 2% of all consumption in Udemy Business courses for a given month occurred in your courses, you’d receive 2% of the Udemy Business instructor revenue pool for that month.

Udemy Business revenue is reported about seven business days after the close of the relevant month. For example, May Udemy Business earnings are typically reported on the 7th business day of June.

Learn more about how you get paid for your inclusion in the Udemy Business Collection.


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