About Udemy Business

With Udemy Business, organizations can solve their biggest workforce challenges by using Udemy courses to train their employees.  Adidas, HSBC, Barclays, Lyft, Bloomingdales, Pinterest, Accenture, and Ernst & Young have all used Udemy Business. Read more about how Udemy Business is helping customers meet their learning needs.

Udemy Business offers a subscription package of select Udemy courses to customers. These courses are chosen primarily for their relevance to the business and high course ratings. Instructors included in Udemy Business benefit from an additional revenue stream and unique brand visibility in front of a new business audience.

Getting involved

We use a number of criteria to determine which courses to add to Udemy Business collection. We only select from the courses where instructors have opted into the Udemy Business program. We choose courses based on student feedback, which we measure through recent course ratings. We then select the highest rated courses for the collection. We also consider factors such as the content’s demand with our customers and our overall strategy. You will receive a notification if the Content Curation Team determines that your course(s) would be a suitable addition to the collection and meet the needs of our business customers.

In-demand topics

We’re always working to expand our content collection, and regularly receive specific content requests from customers.

You can explore the topics we’re looking to fill with your content. Note that for topics ending with (Int/Adv), we’re looking for intermediate and advanced level courses.

Revenue share for Udemy Business

Udemy Business is based on a subscription model so there’s no associated list price for courses on it and the revenue share works differently.

For any given month, there’s a recurring pool of revenue from our paying business clients. 25% of this revenue is allocated to instructors who have been selected for the Udemy Business program. To calculate instructors’ revenue share each month, we divide the total instructor revenue pool by the total minutes consumed by all Udemy Business subscribers in that month. This “per-minute” amount is then multiplied by the monthly total of course minutes consumed in each instructors’ courses to determine their revenue share.

For example, if Udemy Business students consumed 100 minutes of content from the Udemy Business collection in one month and your courses received 5 of those minutes, your revenue share would be equal to 5% of the instructor revenue pool for that month.

Learn more about how to get paid for your inclusion in the Udemy Business Collection.

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