Define your audience

The first step to creating any kind of content is to think about who your audience is. Think about your future learners — who will be interested in taking your course? In this article, we’ll guide you through the process.

Don’t teach for “everyone”

Courses tailored to a specific audience are more engaging and relevant for learners. You’re more likely to have success with Udemy if you create a course with a specific learner in mind. Focus on addressing the needs of the learners who will most benefit from your content, rather than catering to too broad an audience.

For example:

DO try to be more specific: Entry-level employees who lack confidence in public speaking and want to grow their career by improving their public speaking skills.

DON’T be too broad: Anyone who wants to learn public speaking.

Ask questions to identify your ideal learners

To identify your future learners, answer these questions about your learners’ motivations, knowledge, and interests:

  • What goals, interests, or challenges are driving learners to take a course in your topic area?
  • Who is your content suitable for? 
  • Who is it not suitable for?
  • What skills or knowledge should they already know about your topic?
  • How does your audience feel about your content?

If you’re having trouble defining your audience, think about the opposite — who your course is not for. 

Think about your own expertise while you think about whom you’re focusing on, back when you were learning this topic or first becoming familiar with the content. This will help.

Once you’ve identified your ideal audience, think about them throughout the entire course creation process. Create your online course through the eyes and minds of those learners.

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