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After you publish, get your first ratings and reviews to give your course a boost in the marketplace.

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  • Engage with your learners

    Being an instructor is about more than just publishing a course. It’s important that you build a connection with your learners through an online setting. Successful instructors are more than just content creators, they spend time interacting with their learners. We encourage you to build a base of loyal learners....

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  • Establish your credibility with reviews

    Learners worldwide trust Udemy to show them helpful reviews and ratings. Reviews and ratings help prospective learners decide which courses and instructors are a good fit for them. As an instructor, it’s important to gather feedback from your learners as the reviews and ratings of your course act as “social...

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  • Make the most of coupons and referrals

    Whether you already have a large audience or you’re just starting out, promoting your course can increase sales and attract new learners. Learn how to use tools like coupons and referral links to improve your revenue and reach. The importance of promoting First, no one knows your course better than you do. You...

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  • How you can market your course

    In addition to promoting your course with our marketing and communication tools, be sure you market your course using external tools. This could be leveraging your email list or website, or using social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use your existing social and professional networks...

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  • Improve your course’s search results

    Make your course more discoverable using SEO Keywords It’s important to ensure that the right people are able to find your course and ultimately, enroll in it. Optimizing your course landing page (CLP) for search is key to long-term success and it’s not as challenging as it sounds. It will help you:...

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