Marketing outreach is absolutely essential to your success—especially during your course’s first 90 days. The more active a role you play, the better Udemy’s marketplace and promotions will work for you.

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  • Reach out to your students

    To build your base of loyal students and encourage people to leave high reviews, be sure to stay engaged with your students after you publish your course. Effective communications help energize students—encouraging them to stay engaged in your course and to explore all the courses you teach on Udemy. Ways to stay...

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  • Establish your credibility with reviews

    Students worldwide trust Udemy to show them helpful reviews and ratings. Reviews and ratings help them decide which courses and instructors are good fits for them. So it’s important to gather feedback from your students. The reviews and ratings of your course can act as a “social proof” to establish the...

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  • How Udemy markets for you

    Our team around the world is dedicated to getting your course to the right student. We’re constantly innovating and experimenting based on our growing knowledge of what students need and which courses are a good fit for them. We use what we know about a particular student’s interests and the purchasing patterns of...

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  • Use external marketing tools

    In addition to promoting your course with Udemy’s own marketing and communication tools, be sure to market your course with external tools (like email or a website) and platforms (like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Make use of your existing social and professional networks, and try to grow your...

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  • Make the most of coupons and referrals

    Whether you’ve got a large, loyal audience or you’re just starting out, promoting your course can increase sales and attract new students. Learn how to use tools like coupons and referral links to improve your revenue and reach. “Why promote?” First of all, no one knows your course better than you do....

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