About the Udemy Instructor Partner Program

The Udemy Instructor Partner Program is an official program for Udemy Business instructors to partner more closely with Udemy and other participating instructors.

The program provides instructors with resources and support to better manage their business operations, advance their business strategies and widen their global impact. It’s an opportunity to grow together while working together for a better Udemy.


Application Process

Who is eligible for the Instructor Partner Program (IPP)?

In order to qualify for the program, you need:

  • High average instructor rating: Have and maintain an average instructor rating of 4.4 or above* (to be reviewed every 6 months)
  • Udemy Business impact: 3 or more courses currently included in the Udemy Business collection*
  • Content freshness: Actively maintain content. This can take the form of updates to existing courses or launching new courses. It can also mean engaging with your Q&A, adding coding exercises, adding new videos, etc. 
  • Policy compliance: To be in compliance with our legal terms and Trust and Safety policies


*Qualifications may differ by language market


How can I apply to the Instructor Partner Program?

Applications are accepted and reviewed annually. Instructors who believe they qualify for this program are invited to complete the Instructor Partner Program interest form to be notified when the application re-opens. Please note that program capacity is limited and not all instructors who qualify will be admitted.


What is the application review process like?

Our team will review each application based on the eligibility criteria listed above. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email update on the status of your application. 


Can I appeal my application decision or reapply if I was not accepted into the program?

While there is no formal appeal process, we encourage instructors to reapply to the program once they believe they meet the eligibility criteria.


Program Details

Why should I apply for the Instructor Partner Program?

The IPP offers you improved instructor services and a behind-the-scenes view of Udemy to help you do what you do even better:

  • Receive priority, expert support from our Instructor Support team to resolve technical issues faster
  • Access to exclusive, interactive conversations with Udemy Leadership to learn about corporate strategy insights and for guidance on growing your business
  • Participate in exclusive product feedback forums and focus groups to improve the current Instructor-platform usability experience
  • Earn priority consideration for exclusive marketing opportunities
  • And more!


Is the Instructor Partner Program free?

Yes! This program is free and accessible to all instructors who qualify.


What are the program expectations for participating instructors?

We ask that you dedicate 1 to 2 hours per month to the Instructor Partner Program in addition to making routine updates to your courses. This could include attending backstage or networking events, participating in product feedback sessions, etc. Of course, we welcome you to spend more time with IPP!


Who else is in the Instructor Partner Program now? Can I see a list of instructors who are participating?

We don’t publish a public list of participating instructors at this time. 


What is the Udemy Instructor Partner badge and who is eligible to receive one?

The Udemy Instructor Partner badge, visible on select instructor profile pages, recognizes instructors who are active participants in the Instructor Partner Program. To receive an Instructor Partner badge, instructors must be accepted into the IPP and demonstrate active program engagement over a given period of time. Specific details on how to earn a badge are provided to instructors upon acceptance into the program.


My courses haven’t been selected for Udemy Business. How can I have my content reviewed so I can qualify for the IPP?

There is no manual way to submit your courses for Udemy Business review. Our team performs regular updates to identify courses on Udemy.com that meet our baseline criteria and decide if they should be added to the Udemy Business collection. Our dynamic curation model is based on: ratings and reviews to signal quality and relevance, instructor quality based on a demonstrated record of student satisfaction, and global consumer demand in the form of learner data and customer requests.


Why is this program only offered in English? Do you plan to expand it to other languages?

The pilot version of the Instructor Partner Program is being offered in English. As we learn from this experience we hope to grow the program to support additional languages. 


Trust and Safety Compliance

If I’ve had a Trust and Safety violation does that make me ineligible?

If you have repeated or otherwise egregious violations you may not be eligible for acceptance into the program. If you are concerned about your standing with Trust and Safety please connect with our [email protected] team.


Other Instructor Programs

Are there any other programs available to instructors on Udemy?

We currently offer a Community Champions program for instructors who are actively involved in our Instructor Community. Learn more about the program and how to get involved.

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