Guide to creating a promo video

Show what you know

Follow our second-by-second guide to making a promo video that gets attention

Your promo video is an opportunity to create a quick and compelling video to convince learners in two minutes or less what you’ll teach in your course and how you’ll teach it.
After running tests and reviewing hundreds of course previews, we came up with a second-by-second guide for how to make an effective promo video.

First 3 seconds

Course image placeholder
Start with a slide showing your course image or branding

Next 20 seconds

Welcome and instructor intro
Give a 1-sentence intro to the course that tells potential learners why you’re a credible instructor.

Next 20 seconds

The course’s benefits
Describe the benefits of the course and what students will be able to do after completing it. Give students examples of specific skills they will gain instead of abstract concepts they will learn:

     Good example: “At the end of this course, you’ll know how to build a scalable AWS website”
     Bad example: “At the end of this course, you’ll master AWS Cloud Services”

Next 20 seconds

List the major learning objectives
Explain how the course is designed and list the major topics you’ll cover.Be careful not to get too detailed of what you’ll cover. Don’t teach anything yet, just list what you will teach. Get a learning objectives refresher.

Next 15 seconds

Ideal learner description
Create a persona for your learner thinking through the following:

     Roles: What are some roles this persona plays in their professional or personal life?
     Hopes & fears: What are some goals this persona wants to achieve? What worries this persona?
     Challenges: What challenges does this persona face when trying to achieve their goals?

Result: I designed this course for engineers who want to understand project management essentials without going the full route to certification.

Last 10 seconds

Thank you & call to action
Call the student to enroll in the course or watch some of your free preview lectures if they want to sample your course and teaching style further.


Once you’re ready, upload your promotional video during the course creation phase under the course landing page section.

Marketing tip: Upload your course promo video to YouTube and Linked in to drive more traffic to your course

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