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  • Upcoming improvements to the refund system

    In the State of Udemy in May, you mentioned that you’d be updating the refund system. What changes will you be making? Throughout the coming months we will be releasing a series of updates to our refund system. The first improvements that we will be making are to our refund platform. These changes will allow us...

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  • Coding Exercise Changes FAQ

    Udemy recently announced that there will be updates to coding exercises. What are the changes that can I expect to see? We are expanding coding exercises to support updated versions of existing programming languages as well as new programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. Why is Udemy...

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  • State of Udemy 2020

    As people and businesses across the world turn to online learning to help adapt to ongoing COVID-19 challenges, our mission to improve lives through learning has never been more important. From students continuing their studies, to displaced workers picking up new skills, to businesses moving their operations...

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  • Pricing update: introducing new list price practices

    For the last two years, Udemy has worked to improve our pricing and promotional strategies to help instructors strengthen their businesses and students navigate the marketplace. To date, the bulk of our testing and improvements have focused on our discount model. We've built a system to calculate the optimal local...

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  • FAQ: Changes to free courses

    Udemy recently announced that free courses will be different than paid courses in length and features. What will be different? As of March 17, 2020 Udemy is rolling out a new, simplified, free course experience. Free courses are one way for instructors to try teaching on Udemy, test demand for a topic, build a...

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