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  • Pricing updates to the Udemy Deals program in 2023

    Español | Deutsch | 日本語  | Français | Italiano | Türkçe | Polski | Português | 한국어| 中文(繁體) | Bahasa Indonesia   If you're an instructor who participates in the Udemy Deals program, we know you rely on our pricing models and promotions to help maximize your course...

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  • 365 days of teaching: 2022 in review

    2022 was another year of incredible change, with new economic realities, new ways of working, and new technologies. But through it all, learners looked to you and your courses to help them meet those challenges. But sometimes, with everything going on, it’s easy to forget just what happened. So we put together a...

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  • What’s new with coding exercises

    Coding exercises are quick interactive activities that let your learners get practical coding experience. We know that learners want to go beyond video – they value practice, and we know that you want to provide it. But we’ve heard feedback from you that our coding exercises are too hard to use today. So, we’re...

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  • Testing updated logic for local language Bestseller badges

    As we navigate a season of holidays and promotions, we're continuing to work to find new ways to help learners find the courses that are right for them. One way we do this today is through our badging system, which highlights courses that are new or popular, whether measured through sales trends or learner...

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  • The latest on Personal Plan: more countries, more ways to pay (and get paid)

    In August, we announced that Personal Plan – Udemy's subscription offering for individual learners – would be expanding to include more languages and countries. Over the last few months, we've introduced Personal Plan collections in Spanish, Portuguese, and German. This means that in addition to course purchases,...

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