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  • Announcing Taxonomy Improvements

    Today, Udemy supports over 183,000 courses in 75 languages on a huge variety of subjects. With that diversity of content growing every day, it’s more important than ever that we organize all that great content in a way that helps us get your courses in front of the right students. To strengthen our...

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  • The Personal Plan pilot is expanding to new markets and languages

    In April, we began piloting an individual subscription of some of our top English content for a limited audience. We believe subscriptions will complement our proven transactional model, maximize the value our most dedicated learners and instructors get from the platform, and help the platform continue to grow...

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  • Welcoming CorpU to Udemy

    As you may have heard, today we're welcoming a new addition to Udemy: we've acquired CorpU, a pioneering provider of cohort-based programs for corporate learners. CorpU's model blends live and asynchronous learning to help companies develop strong leadership capabilities, and is trusted by companies including CVS...

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  • Upcoming tests: Udemy deal codes and instructor coupons

    We continue to develop our pricing and promotions systems to help maximize course earnings and support marketplace health. As part of these efforts, we're looking to better understand the ways students select and apply promotion codes.    Over the next several weeks, a number of tests may affect the way...

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  • Introducing the marketplace maintenance program

    The Udemy marketplace is home to tens of thousands of instructors and courses, and we strive to provide an opportunity for success for each one.   In order to increase the discoverability of quality courses, improve site performance, and support overall marketplace health, we've introduced a marketplace...

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