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  • Upcoming changes to the Udemy Promotions Policy

    At Udemy, we're always growing and changing as we work to improve lives through learning. As our business and our programs continue to evolve, we periodically update the instructor Promotions Policy to ensure you can make informed decisions about your continued participation in our programs. On November 4,...

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  • Announcing Taxonomy Improvements

    Today, Udemy supports over 130,000 courses in more than 60 languages on a huge variety of subjects. With that diversity of content growing every day, it’s more important than ever that we organize all that great content in a way that helps us get your courses in front of the right students. To strengthen our...

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  • New Refund System & Policy Updates

    What changes have you made to the refund system? In late July, we announced that we’d be releasing a series of experiments and updates to our existing refund system. Our team has been hard at work building a new refund system from the ground up. Our goal with these improvements is to provide a better experience...

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  • Continuing investments in pricing and marketing

    We're always working to evolve and expand our marketplace to deliver on our mission to improve lives through learning. Over the past year, we've introduced new pricing and marketing strategies to help connect new students to the quality courses you create. As you prepare for the big sale season of Black Friday and...

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  • Upcoming improvements to the refund system

    In the State of Udemy in May, you mentioned that you’d be updating the refund system. What changes will you be making? Throughout the coming months we will be releasing a series of updates to our refund system. The first improvements that we will be making are to our refund platform. These changes will allow us...

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