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  • How Udemy drives traffic, trust, and results through partnerships

    Instructors come to Udemy for the chance to reach an ever-growing audience of learners and enterprise customers through the largest skills marketplace in the world. Whether you want to get up to speed on the latest technology, hone your personal skills or invest time in your hobby of choice. Udemy encourages you to...

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  • Updating subscription terms to enable key investments and business growth

        Dear Instructor Community,   Since Udemy’s founding in 2010, we have become the largest professional skills marketplace in the world – helping connect expert instructors with learners and organizations at incredible scale. Many of you have been with Udemy over the course of our...

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  • Updates to instructor tax form requirements (effective January 1, 2024)

    As a US-based company, Udemy is obligated by the US Internal Revenue Service to withhold tax from instructors' US-based earnings where appropriate. To determine the correct withholding amount, we collect tax forms with key information like your name, country of residence, and tax identification...

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  • Introducing Udemy Business content opportunities

    Udemy Business can be a big opportunity for you to engage more learners and boost your revenue. But it can also be challenging to know what content is most needed by learners and organizations. The nice thing is that we have that data. Even nicer is that we can now share it with you using the new Udemy Business...

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  • What’s new with coding exercises

    Español | Deutsch | 日本語  | Français | Italiano | Türkçe | Polski | Português | 한국어| 中文(繁體) | Bahasa Indonesia   We think learning is better when you’re not just watching — you’re doing.  So we’ve updated our coding exercises with long-requested features....

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