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  • Introducing a new bulk coupon creation tool

    One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we’ve heard from the instructor community is the amount of time and effort you’ve had to put into creating coupons. Therefore, we’re excited to officially launch a new coupon creation tool that will make it easier to build your audience and manage your business on...

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  • Improvements to curriculum management and Q&A

    We're always looking for ways to make it easier to build and manage your courses on Udemy. Recently, we made two upgrades to the instructor toolkit designed to do just that.   1. Upvote functionality in the Q&A dashboard   You can now see learner upvotes in your Q&A dashboard, add or remove...

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  • What’s next for Personal Plan?

    Last spring, we announced the introduction of Personal Plan, a monthly subscription that grants individuals access to 5,000+ of the top-rated professional skills courses on Udemy. Since then, we've run experiments and conducted research to understand how a broad subscription can complement direct course purchases on...

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  • Udemy’s response to the conflict in Ukraine

    We are shocked and saddened by the conflict in Ukraine, and condemn the actions of the Russian government. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine, and we hope for a swift resolution to ensure the safety of people across Eastern Europe.    Udemy is committed to complying with all applicable sanctions and...

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  • Updates to global pricing practices & documentation

    Español | Deutsch | 日本語 | Français | Italiano | Türkçe | Polski | Português | 한국어   If you participate in the Udemy Deals program, we know you're looking to our promotions to help your course find the right learner at the right price. In the coming weeks, we'll make some...

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