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  • Account security tips & best practices

    We know that staying on top of online security can be challenging, so we’ve put together our top tips for you to keep your account safe. While these tips are here to help you retain account and data security, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Fraudsters are increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to gain...

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  • Updates to instructor promotional tools

    This post originally indicated the new instructor promotional tools would be launched in early September. We're in the process of updating the system based on instructor feedback. As a result, the new tools will now launch in late September at the earliest—check back here for updates. We know how critical it...

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  • Important updates to Udemy Instructor Terms

    As an instructor, you want to reach students around the world and earn a return while doing so. You don’t want to sweat cumbersome stuff like setting up video hosting, processing international payments, or offering round-the-clock technical support. To help us keep minding the details and earning you a better return...

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  • Evolution of Pricing

    We’ve begun price tests to help you maximize your revenue potential, and information about these tests can be found here. Our Pricing Research team will update this blog post with details about these tests, let you know what’s coming up, and share learnings. Have thoughts about pricing? Please fill out this...

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  • State of Udemy 2019

    The State of Udemy is our opportunity to renew our commitment to you, the instructor, and let you know what improvements you can expect over the next several months.  Before we unveil what we’ve been building to help you succeed at Udemy, we hope you’ll join us in welcoming Udemy’s new CEO,...

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