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  • Welcome to Udemy: Getting started FAQ

    Welcome to Udemy Get answers to the most frequently asked questions by new Udemy instructors like you. We’re so excited you’re choosing to share your knowledge on Udemy and can’t wait to see your course! Create the course in you Fun fact: The Udemy “U” symbol is named “The Union” after the...

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  • Building buzz with Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas

      Being a successful Udemy instructor is about more than just recording great lectures. It’s also about building authority for your course by promoting it on social media. While this can seem a little daunting, it’s something anyone can do, explains Udemy instructor Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas. Juan...

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  • Practice (Activities) Makes Perfect: An Interview with Imtiaz Ahmad

    Take Imtiaz Ahmad. He’s a bit of a superstar in the Udemy instructor world. He was recently recognized at Udemy LIVE, our annual instructor conference, for his use of practice activities to engage students. The award crowns his considerable achievements: nine courses (including “The Complete Oracle SQL...

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  • Investments in the Review System – August 22nd Update

    Introducing Course Ratings Guidance   Today, we’re excited to share our plans for course ratings guidance on Udemy. Our aim with this update is to help students rate courses from a common understanding, by assigning a description for each rating on the five-point scale.   Why are we doing...

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  • State of Udemy – August 2018

    State of Udemy - August 2018 In our first State of Udemy, back in February, we shared details on what we'd work on throughout 2018 to help make you more successful. Please watch below to see what we've done since then and what's still to come this year. We've got exciting updates and brand new tools for...

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