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  • Introducing Udemy Business content opportunities

    Udemy Business can be a big opportunity for you to engage more learners and boost your revenue. But it can also be challenging to know what content is most needed by learners and organizations. The nice thing is that we have that data. Even nicer is that we can now share it with you using the new Udemy Business...

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  • What’s new with coding exercises

    Español | Deutsch | 日本語  | Français | Italiano | Türkçe | Polski | Português | 한국어| 中文(繁體) | Bahasa Indonesia   We think learning is better when you’re not just watching — you’re doing.  So we’ve updated our coding exercises with long-requested features....

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  • What’s new with pricing and the Deals Program – August 2023

    Español | Deutsch | 日本語  | Français | Italiano | Türkçe | Polski | Português | 한국어| 中文(繁體) | Bahasa Indonesia At the beginning of the year, we shared some ways to improve our pricing strategy so learners have an easier time seeing differences in course value and quality....

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  • Introducing the August 2023 Instructor Insider

    Español | Deutsch | 日本語  | Français | Italiano | Türkçe | Polski | Português | 한국어| 中文(繁體) | Bahasa Indonesia   Hey, instructors! We’re back this month to give you an update on what’s been going on here at Udemy, a mix of news, stats, updates, and our plans for...

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  • Evolving the homepage for a more unified Udemy

    In May, Udemy CEO Greg Brown shared that we've kicked off work to unify the Udemy platform, making it easier for learners and organizations to understand all the ways they can learn with us. We're excited to share more about how this work will come to life in the coming months, starting with changes to the homepage...

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