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  • Create your course landing page

    The course landing page (CLP) is crucial to your success on Udemy. It serves as the place on our marketplace where you can entice learners to enroll in your course, and if it’s done right, can also help search engines find your course.  This is one of the first things your potential learners will see when...

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  • Guide to creating a promo video

    Show what you know Follow our second-by-second guide to making a promo video that gets attention Your promo video is an opportunity to create a quick and compelling video to convince learners in two minutes or less what you’ll teach in your course and how you’ll teach it. After running tests and reviewing...

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  • Price your course and promotions

    As you are about to submit your course, you will be prompted to select a price for your course. You can offer your course for a price, at a discount, or for free. This article will give you some insights into our course pricing options so you can identify the best possible pricing strategy. Free and paid...

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  • Set up automatic messages to learners

    You’ll be prompted to create automatic messages prior to submitting your course for review. While these are optional messages, they are a great way to engage with your learners by welcoming them to your course and congratulate them upon completion. Here are some tips to help you create effective messages for your...

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  • About automatically generated captions

    Udemy automatically captions courses in English to help make course content more accessible to students around the world. Captions can make courses easier to comprehend for non-native speakers. Plus, they offer more clarity, reinforce learning, and make courses accessible to hearing-impaired students. Captions are...

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