Price your course and promotions

As you are about to submit your course, you will be prompted to select a price for your course. You can offer your course for a price, at a discount, or for free. This article will give you some insights into our course pricing options so you can identify the best possible pricing strategy.

Free and paid courses

Some instructors choose to launch their courses as free to generate a following, capture reviews, and get feedback, then switch to a paid course at a later date. Keep in mind, free courses cannot exceed 2 hours in video length and will lose all premium learner features which includes certificate of completion and Q&A. While you can change the price of your course at any time, you can only switch from free to paid one time. Learn more about free courses.

Paid courses do not have course length limitations and cannot be offered for free elsewhere (for example, YouTube, your own site, other platforms, etc.).

Setting a price for your course

If you would like to charge for your course, there are 2 required steps before you can set your price:

Step 1: Become a Premium Instructor
We require that you become a Premium Instructor by submitting an application for approval. This application includes setting up your instructor profile, if you haven’t already done so, accepting the Udemy Terms of Service, choosing whether you’d like to participate in promotional programs, and selecting your payout method.

Step 2: Choose a price
Next, you’ll need to choose a price for your course. Pricing depends on many factors like course duration, depth of content, and your experience and reputation as an instructor. Longer courses, or courses focused on a niche subject or career skill, can sell for a higher price. Your course can also sell for a higher price by offering more value to learners through project-based assignments and personalized feedback.

Select your price by choosing from the course tier dropdown. If your default currency is not U.S. dollars, learn more about our global price matrix. To help you determine what price to select for your course, compare your course to similar courses on Udemy keeping in mind the length of your course, the resources offered, and the practice activities and assessments.

Offering your course at a discount

You may want to consider discounting your course to drive enrollments. Udemy offers optional marketing programs that will offer your course at a discounted price during promotions. This can create a sense of urgency and get more learners to purchase your course.

Learn more about our pricing and promotions policy. You can opt into our promotional programs through your instructor account. 

You can also offer discounts to your learners by creating your own coupons and referral links. Learn more about how to create and manage coupons.

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