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  • Instructor Social Media Kit: Graphics

    Amplify your social media presence! We've created various graphics for you to use on your social media accounts based on your preference (or use them all). The graphics below are listed in the following order according to size which are optimized for the social media platforms listed: 1080 x 1080 best for use...

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  • Boost your brand with our Instructor Social Media Kit

    We hope our new brand continues to make you proud to teach with Udemy. And we hope you want to share it — and your story — with the world. To keep everything on brand (as we say in the business), we’ve put together a collection of our logos, as well as graphics that you can use to identify yourself as a...

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  • A new look for us (and for you)

    Our purpose has always been to connect instructors like you to learners around the globe, regardless of schooling, race, gender, or economic background. Now we’re taking another step toward making Udemy an inclusive space for everyone. From the way we speak to the way we look, this new brand fully embodies our...

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  • Personal Plan: Instructor FAQ

    What is Personal Plan?  For an overview of the fundamentals of Personal Plan, including what content is included, how instructors are paid, and our goals for the pilot, please read more here.   Is Udemy planning to replace individual course sales with subscriptions? We see the subscription model as a...

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  • Progress and next steps for Personal Plan

    In late April, we opened up our new individual subscription offering to a limited audience. We still have a lot more to learn from the Personal Plan pilot, so we're continuing to expand carefully to ensure the best possible experience for learners and instructors.  With our first month of data in hand, we wanted...

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