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  • Investments in the Review System – August 22nd Update

    Introducing Course Ratings Guidance   Today, we’re excited to share our plans for course ratings guidance on Udemy. Our aim with this update is to help students rate courses from a common understanding, by assigning a description for each rating on the five-point scale.   Why are we doing...

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  • State of Udemy – August 2018

    State of Udemy - August 2018 In our first State of Udemy, back in February, we shared details on what we'd work on throughout 2018 to help make you more successful. Please watch below to see what we've done since then and what's still to come this year. We've got exciting updates and brand new tools for...

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  • Udemy is Expanding its Anti-Piracy Efforts

    Udemy is Expanding its Anti-Piracy Efforts   Udemy’s mission is to improve lives through learning. We consider our marketplace model the best way to offer valuable educational content to our users. It’s thanks to your hard work as an instructor on our platform that we are able to help students around the...

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  • Investments in the Review System: March 6th Update

    We’re excited to share that we’ve just made two improvements to the Review System: Weighted Ratings and Removing the 0.5-Star Rating. Weighted Ratings Over the last few months we’ve told you about how we plan to build an infrastructure that will allow us to weight ratings differently. We’ve now taken a big...

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  • Identify New Course Opportunities With Marketplace Insights Language Filters

    Whether you want to explore the supply of writing courses on Udemy, or what student demand to learn JavaScript looks like, Marketplace Insights can help you. We’re excited to announce that Marketplace Insights has become even more powerful with the addition of language filters. Now, when you explore a topic on...

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