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Practice tests are comprehensive, timed assessments that serve many purposes on Udemy. However, as demand grows for cloud computing and technical skills certifications, we’ve seen professional learners increasingly are using them to prepare for certifications. They want a simulated testing experience to gauge readiness and find knowledge gaps before the actual exam. Knowing this, we’re improving practice tests so that you can better deliver on helping your learners reach their professional goals.


This article contains the changes we’ve made to Udemy’s practice tests. Read on below for the latest.


New practice tests creation flow

We’ve redesigned the practice test creation process with its own dedicated page, separate from the curriculum builder. By applying our Learning Science and Design team’s best practices and coding exercise creation flow learnings, this new builder aims to make practice test creation more intuitive and help you provide high-quality assessment experiences for your learners. Additionally, we’ve changed the bulk upload CSV template to align with the new explanation structure.





New “fill in the blank” question type 

As we hope to better align practice tests with 3rd party certification exams, we want to make sure you can realistically simulate the test-taking experience for learners. This includes providing similar question types, lengths, and requirements that learners would find in the actual exam. Therefore, we have added a “fill in the blank” question type, expanding beyond just “multiple choice” and “multiple selection” options.  The new “fill in the blank” format mirrors actual exam requirements by having learners fill in blank fields within statements you provide.


AI-supported explanation generation (English development and IT-related courses only for now)

We’ve added a new AI-enhanced feature to help instructors easily explain practice test answers for multiple choice and multi-select questions. Comprehensive explanations can give learners valuable insights into why they selected the wrong response, and it’s now easier for you to create them through AI. While this feature is only available in English for now, we hope to roll it out in other languages soon.


Practice test insights (Coming mid-May)

Finally, we understand the importance of data-driven decision making when it comes to creating and optimizing your practice tests. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ll soon be rolling out practice test summary insights on your course engagement report. This update will provide you with information about how your learners interact with your practice tests, including the number of starts (viewed), incompletes (dropped), and overall success ratio. 

The “starts” metric will show the unique learners who clicked the “Begin test” button, while “drops” will indicate the number of unique learners who started but never finished the test. The success ratio will reveal the percentage of learners who successfully completed a practice test at least once. We hope these insights begin to give you a clearer picture of your practice tests’ performance, and we plan to dive deeper and provide you with question-specific data later this year.


We encourage you to start making edits to your practice tests today and we’ll continue to keep you posted on the changes. Feel free to visit the getting started guide for more information!

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