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Getting Started as a Udemy Instructor

First things first — Congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming a published Udemy instructor and we’re here to help you every step of the way. At the end of the process you’ll be the proud instructor of a high quality course that will improve students’ lives through learning!

Sound exciting? Use this guide to get to know all of the resources and types of support you can use during your course creation journey.

What’s in this guide?

What’s a Udemy course?

A Udemy course gives students the opportunity to learn actionable skills that will help them in their career, hobbies, and life. Instructors from around the world (like you!) teach everything on Udemy–from baking to coding, engineering to meditation, and public speaking to social media marketing. There’s almost no limit to what you can share with your students.

Udemy courses are primarily video-based and can be 30 minutes to several hours long. Our students want to be engaged and love to apply what they’re learning to their day to day lives. So the most engaging Udemy courses use a combination of different teaching styles and formats and incorporate real world examples, projects, and hands-on practical activities for students to dive into.

We’re here to help!

Creating a course is a rewarding challenge and we have a wealth of online resources, tools, and information to help you become a successful Udemy instructor.

Instructor community

Studio U
Join other Udemy instructors from around the world in the Studio U Facebook group. Studio U is the place for exchanging ideas and tips about course creation, asking questions, keeping in touch with the Udemy team, and finding motivation and inspiration from other instructors.

Udemy support

Udemy Instructor Support
Our agents are standing by to answer any question you have about how the Udemy site actually works. If you have questions like “My video upload is taking a long time” or “I can’t read my revenue report,“ Udemy Support is here to help. We have an extensive library of articles you can read through, or feel free to contact our Support team directly.

Create your course

Teach Hub: Course creation
Planning is the key to a successful course creation journey. On the Teach Hub, Udemy course creation experts describe everything about course creation, from choosing a topic, to structuring lessons, to creating quality videos. Bookmark these pages and you’ll always have a place to go when you need help!

Udemy Insights courses
If you’d prefer to watch a Udemy course to learn how it’s done, our team has created six courses to guide you through developing course goals and outlines, filming and editing your course, and creating practice activities. 

Test video
Test video is a free, optional service for all Udemy instructors. Receive personalized tips for your filming area and equipment from Udemy video experts before you film your entire course.

Market your course

Teach Hub: Course marketing
We’re your partner in getting your course a strong start. When you become an instructor with us, we use student data to make sure our marketing team puts your course in front of the right students. When your course is new, we don’t have any data. On the Teach Hub, we’ll show you how to get your first students engaged.

Udemy policies

Trust & Safety
Every community needs some ground rules. Read through our policies for instructors and students.

Udemy policies course
Prefer to take a course about our policies? Watch this course created by our Trust & Safety team to learn what’s allowed on the platform.

Course creation steps

Are you ready to get started? There’s no one right way to create a course, but we’ll provide you the support you need to choose the path that works for you.

For beginners, check out our Course creation roadmap to see our recommended steps for course creation.

Good luck! We’re excited to see what you create and help you along the way!