Evolving our mission and vision as we accelerate growth

Over the past few months, we’ve been thinking about how we can amplify the impact of our collective voice to accelerate Udemy’s growth. We dove deep into our mission, sifted through our vision, reassessed our beliefs and values, and scrutinized our tagline to ensure it resonates not just with where we are, but where we’re going. Today we’re pleased to share our updated brand point of view, which we will use as our compass in our work to grow our global reach.

Our mission

Our updated mission is clear: To change lives through learning. We made a deliberate one-word change from “improve” to “transform” to honor Udemy’s origins and our progress. However, we also wanted to emphasize the profound impact of acquiring new skills; we are empowering individuals to transform their lives. Whether it’s assisting people in gaining skills for their initial job, transitioning careers, or enhancing their lives through education, we are committed to facilitating life-changing transformations.

What we do

At our core, we are determined to ensure that everyone has access to the latest and most relevant skills. 

We are proud to bring together a community of knowledgeable and diverse instructors who share their real-world expertise on the Udemy platform. We believe that access to skills, to new possibilities, should not be a privilege. We strive to foster diversity, authenticity, and accessibility for learners and organizations worldwide. We want everyone, everywhere to have access to the latest and most relevant skills.

Our marketplace isn’t just a feature; it’s what sets us apart. It’s about choice—for learners, for organizations, for instructors, for everyone seeking to grow.

Our vision

We envision a world where everyone, everywhere has access to the skills they need to unlock their potential—a world where they can create possibilities for themselves and others. 

We recognize that for many, Udemy isn’t just an option—it’s the only way forward. We’re not just making learning accessible; we’re making it actionable. We’re empowering learners to take charge of their careers and lives; and we’re empowering instructors to share and monetize their knowledge.

Our beliefs

Our beliefs are the pillars that support our mission and vision. 

  • Skills are the new currency for talent management: We’re not just about learning; we’re about earning—earning a place in the future through up-to-date, validated skills. Every time a learner lands a new job, nails a skill, or just feels that click of understanding, that’s your work paying off. 
  • Skills should be validated not just inferred: We believe that skills can be assessed and validated in a meaningful way so that learners can test and showcase their knowledge and so that organizations can help their teams grow career paths. 
  • Learning should be personalized: We’re making sure our platform is where instructors can do their best work and where learners can feel at home and be guided on their learning journey. 
  • Wisdom of the marketplace should be embraced: Real learning is learning that works. Our marketplace rewards the practical, the applicable, and the real-life skills that instructors bring to the table.
  • AI should be integrated with human knowledge: The future of learning is a blend of technology and humanity. Our AI is here to enhance, not replace, the irreplaceable human insight you provide. Whether it’s making sure our AI is the helpful kind or getting the word out about your course, we’re in it to make sure both you and your learners get the most out of Udemy. 

Our tagline

All this comes together in our new tagline: “Udemy: The power of possibilities.” It’s more than a tagline—it’s our commitment to you, instructors, and to the organizations and the learners who join us. We want to make the art of the possible a reality. 

What’s next?

We’re not stopping here. With our updated approach crystalized, we’re out there positioning Udemy as a global leader in the skills-based economy. When we do that marketing, it takes the pressure off you, so that you can focus on what you do best: teaching. For more on our latest initiatives, catch up with our latest Instructor Insider.

What should instructors do?

As we work on painting the world purple with Udemy’s updated brand point of view, we encourage you to continue your work sharing your knowledge and skills. Keep helping learners achieve their goals through unique, high-quality courses, and keep the feedback coming.

Tell your story

We’re collecting and sharing stories that spotlight the change you’re driving. From instructor Angela Yu and learner Alvin Lim to instructor Diego Davila and learner JJ Durand, these narratives are powerful testaments to the impact of online learning and the value of your expertise. Have a story to share? We’d love to hear it so look out for an invite to share your story of transformation soon. 

This reflection and revamp isn’t just about Udemy; it’s about you. It’s about the lives you change and the futures you shape. Together, let’s continue to build a world that’s empowered by learning, by possibilities, by you.

As always, we welcome your thoughts, questions, and feedback in the Instructor Community.

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