Guided Content Development Program FAQ

What is the Guided Content Development Program?

In the Guided Content Development Program, qualified instructors can apply to partner with Udemy to develop courses on specific priority topics. Instructors who are chosen to participate will receive additional guidance from the Udemy Content team as they create these courses. Depending on their qualifications, some instructors may also be eligible for additional financial incentives for delivering content that meets program requirements.


How are topics identified as priorities for Guided Content Development Program?

We identify these course opportunities using a mix of methods: measuring direct demand from marketplace and Udemy Business customers, capturing industry and competitor trends, and assessing data on the performance of existing content. Currently, we’re piloting this program with a curated subset of course topics. If we’re successful in helping guide instructors to promising opportunities during this first phase, we plan to look for ways to scale the program.


Do instructors retain the Intellectual Property for content produced through the Guided Content Development Program?

Yes – Udemy’s usual terms apply to content created through this program.


If I’m selected to create a course through this program, is it guaranteed special marketing treatment?

If you successfully publish a course as part of the Guided Content Development Program, it will receive expedited review for inclusion in Udemy Business. While we can’t guarantee any specific marketing treatments, our team can provide guidance and templates for promoting your course.


Can you provide specific revenue projections for a course on a given topic?

The performance of a course depends on many factors, not just on its topic. Revenue potential can be affected by the length and quality of a course, the specific learner it targets, the competition present on the Udemy marketplace, and other factors.


Can an instructor participate more than once in the Guided Content Development Program?

Yes. If you create content that successfully meets the program requirements and there are additional priority topics you’re qualified to teach, you can apply to participate any number of times.


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