Piloting the Select collection

Our marketplace is growing rapidly – from 55,000 courses in 2017 to over 196,000 courses today. With this in mind, we’re working on helping courses stand out with updated packaging and pricing for certain types of content.


As our marketplace expands, it gets harder for instructors to stand out and tougher for learners to find the right course for their needs. Therefore, we’re always looking for more ways to differentiate content, building on existing methods like our badging system. We believe that better differentiation will create opportunities for more instructors and improved learning experiences for students. The Select collection is a pilot program that we hope fulfills this goal to optimize our marketplace.



In the coming weeks, we’re testing a new “Select” badge and course landing page design for an initial collection of 10 web development courses. The courses chosen for this pilot have historically gotten strong positive student responses, are popular within their category, and include characteristics that learners care about such as practice tests and coding exercises. 



As we learn more from the first phases of the pilot, we’ll let you know more about program requirements, how you can get involved, and how the program will expand.

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