The low-tech way to getting started on Udemy

“What if I’m not an expert at recording video?” This is a question we get a lot Udemy. It’s totally understandable. You can be an expert in your field, someone who is passionate about sharing your knowledge, but not know where to start with recording.

If this is you, take a deep breath. You’ll be fine. We have resources to help you out. 

Here are some tips for starting out:

  1. Invest in a good microphone, either USB or lavalier — the built-in microphone on your laptop or smartphone won’t be good enough (see our recommendations)
  2. Learn more about creating an online course on Udemy with our Official Udemy course designed for instructors (course is currently only available in English)
  3. Film practice videos to get comfortable talking on screen — and submit them to Udemy for free feedback
  4. Join our New Instructor Challenge for extra guidance and motivation
  5. Connect with instructors in the Studio U instructor community, the best place to learn from experienced and instructors and get advice for getting started

We know you’ve got this!


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