Updates to Udemy Business curation strategy for practice test-based courses

How has the Udemy Business curation strategy changed?


Our mission is to provide Udemy Business customers and learners with access to the freshest, highest quality, and most relevant content from the Udemy.com marketplace. We take a data-driven and human-curated approach to deliver high quality courses on the topics and skills professionals need. In-demand skills are surfaced through the data of tens of millions of learners who use our platform. 


Curation is nuanced – we look at a combination of many quality signals to determine whether a course is appropriate for our business audience. Until recently, we used the same criteria for standard video-based courses and practice test-based courses, however, we have recently implemented changes in our strategy for practice test-based courses.


Customers rely heavily on the accuracy and trustworthiness of practice tests in preparation for real exams. We revised our curation practices to review this content against higher standards, and now only add and keep practice test courses that are strategically acquired, taught by Instructor Partners, or on high priority topics. 


How can I make my practice test course eligible for Udemy Business?


There are a few ways. We review the length of time you have been with Udemy, your number of high quality courses, and trust and safety policy compliance. We also regularly check the Udemy Marketplace for high quality Practice Tests on High priority topics. Another great way is to apply to our Instructor Partner Program for Udemy Business Instructors. 


Instead of having my practice test course removed, can I edit it?


Please continue to leverage user feedback and your industry knowledge to improve your course content. However, we will not re-add your edited course to Udemy Business unless you are an Instructor Partner.


Should I be worried that this will affect my courses in the future?


No, this does not affect any other standard video-based courses you may have in Udemy Business. Your practice test course will remain available to users on the Udemy marketplace. 


Can I create new courses for Udemy Business?


Yes! We encourage you to continue creating high quality courses. Our Curation team regularly reviews Udemy.com for relevant and fresh content to add to Udemy Business. 


Is there something wrong with my practice test course?


There is nothing inherently wrong with your practice test course. Implementing different curation criteria for practice tests enables us to better serve the more than 10,000 Udemy Business customers around the globe who place great trust in our offering. 

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