Udemy Pro FAQs

Note: The response to question 5 was updated on November 21, 2019.

1. I’ve heard Udemy is beginning to look into a consumer subscription offering. What’s happening?

In the coming weeks, we’re launching an early release of Udemy Pro, a subscription product designed to better help students accomplish their specific IT certification goals. It will contain a curated subset of video and practice test courses in specific IT certifications. As this is a new offering for us, we’re starting small to continually measure and assess marketplace and instructor impacts.

2. Why is Udemy launching this? 

We want to provide students with more options to learn. In addition to individual marketplace courses, we’ll be offering students a more curated approach to accomplishing specific goals. We think this will foster more long-term learning, increase course consumption, and build better engagement.

3. What is the difference between a Udemy Pro subscription and an individual marketplace Course?

Udemy Pro courses are packaged together to focus student learning on a specific topic area. Unlike in the marketplace, course access will only be available to students as long as they have an active subscription — there is no lifetime access. Instead of a 30-day money-back guarantee, students will be able to try out Udemy Pro through a 7-day free trial.

4. How will this affect me?

For most instructors, Udemy Pro will have limited impact. This early release product will launch to a small subsegment of English-speaking marketplace students and will cover a select set of IT certifications. Students will continue to be able to purchase your courses from the marketplace and use your referral links and coupons. The primary change you may notice are Udemy Pro promotional banners on select pages in the IT Certification section of the marketplace. 

5. Will Udemy Pro be promoted during Black Friday?

You may see a few promotional mentions of Udemy Pro in certain parts of the site during Black Friday.

6. How did you choose to start in IT Certification?

Over the past few years, the IT Certification topic has consistently grown in student demand and interest based on marketplace and Udemy for Business enrollment numbers. Additionally, instructors have continually published IT Certification courses, providing a strong supply of high-quality, updated courses in the topic area.

7. How did you choose the instructors and courses in it?

Courses and instructors were selected for Udemy Pro using marketplace and Udemy for Business student feedback. Based on course enrollment and consumption patterns, specific IT certification courses were selected to meet trends in student demand. Courses and instructors were then selected based on a variety of student-focused factors including effective content coverage, enrollment numbers, student ratings and reviews, etc.

8. Can I opt my course to be part of it?

At this time, we’re launching Udemy Pro with courses in select IT certifications based on student demand and learning needs. We will proactively reach out to more instructors to participate as the subscription scales. We’re carefully assessing the impact Udemy Pro will have on the marketplace’s overall growth and health for both participating and non-participating courses and instructors.

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