Exploring new pricing strategies in France

As we discussed earlier this year, improving our pricing models is a key focus for Udemy in 2023. Beyond testing new methodologies for setting prices, we are also evaluating our promotional strategies. While discounting has traditionally been an important way to drive learner enrollment, our frequent sitewide promotions and deep discounts have made it difficult to build consistent revenue streams for instructors and establish the true value of a course to learners.


In response, we will be exploring a new approach to pricing in France over the next few months. Starting today, we are decreasing the number of broad promotions and sales in the region, as well as significantly lowering our non-promotional prices so they are much more closely aligned with our average selling prices. 


We plan to closely monitor key metrics, like learner enrollment, engagement, and revenue, while aligning with France’s pricing regulations, to optimize this new pricing approach. Based on the performance observed, we will adjust as needed and notify you of any significant updates.


As always, we’re committed to building a sustainable long-term model that connects learners to high-quality, relevant courses, while fairly compensating your effort. We appreciate your partnership as we make these updates to our pricing approach in France.

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