Identify New Course Opportunities With Marketplace Insights Language Filters

Whether you want to explore the supply of writing courses on Udemy, or what student demand to learn JavaScript looks like, Marketplace Insights can help you. We’re excited to announce that Marketplace Insights has become even more powerful with the addition of language filters. Now, when you explore a topic on Udemy, you can filter to Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German to see what supply-and-demand data looks like for that topic across languages.

Here’s Product Manager, Sung, to tell you more.


How do language filters work?

First, you’ll want to search for a topic. It’s important to note that you still need to search for a topic in English. For example, you’ll need to search for “photography”, instead of “fotografía”.

Once you’ve selected your topic, Marketplace Insights will filter to English by default. From there you can switch to a different language to see how supply-and-demand data differs. You’re able to get a sense of how many courses exist on that topic, as well as how much student demand there is for courses on that topic, in that language. As you scroll down, you’ll notice that even sections like “Top search keywords” update based on the selected language.

Marketplace Insights data relies on courses being tagged with topics. Today, we don’t have as good of topic tag coverage for courses in other languages as we do for English. As a result, if you search for a topic and we don’t have enough data for a particular language, we won’t show that language’s filter. That said, we’re working to improve our topic tag coverage for non-English courses, which will make Marketplace Insights even more powerful over time.

What type of instructors will benefit from language filters?

Language filters will be valuable for an instructor who can teach a topic in a particular language where there is high demand, but low supply. Once you find these “great opportunities”, you should evaluate “median monthly revenue” and “top monthly revenue” to see if it makes sense to create a course to satisfy that unmet demand.

Language filters will also be valuable for multilingual instructors who are debating which language to create a course in. You might notice that a topic has similar revenue potential across two languages you’re able to teach in. However, when you look at supply-and-demand data, one language has much less competition than the other.

Additionally, language filters will be helpful if you’re an instructor with an English-language course and you’re determining if it makes sense to invest in either translating your course’s captions or fully localizing your course into another language.

Start using Marketplace Insights language filters to identify your next course opportunity!

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