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Live speaking events, online and offline, are a great time for you to shine as a domain expert and connect more personally with your audience. Learn how to leverage conferences and speaking opportunities to enroll more students in your courses.


Print out postcards containing information about your Udemy courses and your instructor coupon code. While at the conference, when someone asks you for a business card, give them your postcard. It will double as a business card and flyer.

Top Udemy seller Vanessa Van Edwards earned $2,000 one weekend by using this very tactic at a conference.


Contact instructors or the administration at local colleges/universities to guest lecture or lead students in a workshop.

  • Find a topic that students and their professors find beneficial. Include your real world experience as a selling point (e.g. “I’ve solved many cyber crimes for police and Army Intel, and I want share my experience with your students. I also want to make sure they’re aware so they don’t accidentally commit any crimes themselves.”)
  • Ask yourself, what topic can I lead a workshop or guest lecture on that will be highly relevant and in demand for university students?

During the workshop or guest lecture, get students excited enough to join your courses on the spot. Follow the steps below to enroll students into your course: 

  • During a workshop of let’s say 200 students, make 10 coupons available for free (given to students who were first to participate)
  • Then create 10 coupons for 50% off to kick off your paid course. This creates excitement and immediate registration into your paid course.
  • Then create a limited number of 30% off coupons, and so on…
  • If you’re pre-selling tickets for an event, through Eventbrite for instance, you can also include an option for attendees to pay $10 for a ticket to the event or $20 for a ticket to the event + lifetime access to your Udemy course on the same topic.

Do you speak regularly at relevant meet-ups, conferences, workshops? You can use a variation of the strategies above for all live speaking opportunities. Remember to give your audience a glimpse at what your course entails and invite them on the spot to join your courses at a discount.