Udemy’s response to the conflict in Ukraine

We are shocked and saddened by the conflict in Ukraine, and condemn the actions of the Russian government. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine, and we hope for a swift resolution to ensure the safety of people across Eastern Europe. 


Udemy is committed to complying with all applicable sanctions and restrictions that have been enacted. In addition, we’ve implemented the following actions:

  • We are not pursuing new enterprise relationships in Russia. 
  • Udemy courses are no longer available for purchase in Russia. 
  • Free courses are still available in Russia, as we believe there is value in ensuring access to knowledge. 


Instructors who reside in Russia will continue to have access to their accounts and courses. Due to the evolving situation, we highly recommend instructors located in Russia directly contact their financial institutions and their payment provider (Payoneer or PayPal) for more information on how their payments may be impacted. 


How we are helping the Ukrainian people: 


  • We realize there are many Ukrainians who no longer have access to traditional education. We’ve extended an offer to Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science with the goal to provide 1.5M Ukrainian students at 600 universities and higher education institutions free access to technical, business, language and other relevant course content. In addition, our Free Resource Center, with over 700 free Udemy courses, is available to those in Ukraine to help them access the skills they need to navigate challenging circumstances.
  • As part of Udemy’s commitment to help build a better world, we match our employees’ monetary contributions to eligible nonprofits and charities. We are encouraging employee contributions to organizations directly supporting individuals impacted by the conflict in Ukraine, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, UN Refugee Agency, and Médecins Sans Frontières.
  • Udemy strictly prohibits misleading and unethical content on our platform. We monitor for issues in content, including misinformation, and allow users to report any concerns.


We believe that enabling access to education empowers individuals to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones. As such, we will continue to monitor events as they unfold and hope our actions will support those wishing to build a better life without conflict.

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