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Pricing updates to the Udemy Deals program in 2023

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If you’re an instructor who participates in the Udemy Deals program, we know you rely on our pricing models and promotions to help maximize your course revenue and increase earnings. We’re constantly testing and evaluating our pricing strategies to help connect students to the quality courses you create. This year, our aim is to improve our pricing models to better differentiate course value and quality to learners. Here’s what you can expect to see over the next few months:


Testing new methodologies to improve our differentiated pricing model.

In 2023, we’re building on the foundation and learnings we’ve gathered over the past three years. We’ll continue to run experiments to better understand the relationship between list and promotion prices on the marketplace. This includes testing a new methodology for setting prices which will emphasize course attributes, such as language, freshness, and opportunities for practice, while continuing to adjust based on learner response by market. As a result, starting in January, you may notice more variation in price from course to course. 


Establishing list price consistency on the marketplace.

Historically, if you set a list price that was lower than our model suggested, we would default to your lower list price instead of using the one generated from our pricing data. As we improve our models, we’ve found that this practice limits our ability to establish list price consistency for similar courses. Therefore, we aim to discontinue this practice in 2023 and only show learners our recommended list price for all instructors who use Udemy Deals. Of note, this does not apply to the Japanese market.

Before making this change, we are testing the impact to overall marketplace performance and instructor earnings. We will monitor to make sure this change helps us achieve our goal of establishing greater consistency to how list prices are set across courses.


We’re excited to learn alongside you this year, and will make sure to notify you if there are any significant changes made to our pricing policies. If you have questions about these pricing changes, or you just want to chat about teaching online with other instructors, head on over to the Instructor Community.

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