CLP Checklist 1: Your course title, subtitle, and SEO best practices

The most important parts of your course landing page to optimize are your course title and subtitle. This is an opportunity to grab the attention of potential learners by accurately representing what your course is about.

Here are some pointers, along with overall tips for your CLP:

Title (60 character limit)

Your title should be a mix of attention-grabbing, informative, and optimized for search. From the title students want to know:

  • The course topic
  • Who the audience is (beginner, for managers)
  • What they will get from it (an action or outcome)

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Is your main keyword included early (in the first three words), but not overused?
  2. Does it use words/phrasing that potential students are likely to search for? refer to the list of keywords you’ve created
  3. Is it action oriented? Does it communicate achievement?
  4. Does it make you want to click on it? answers the search intent, is aspirational and compelling
  5. Does it create an emotion that you want students to feel? Use words and modifiers that communicate accomplishment and value

To edit your course’s title, in the course builder go to Publish your course > Course landing page > Course title.

Subtitle (120 character limit)

The purpose is to expand upon the title. It should provide:

  • Additional information on course content specifics
  • Value of learning the topic
  • Benefits to the learner – what this course will help you DO
  • Provide more information about the course’s learning objectives

Here are some things to consider:

  1. The course topic
  2. Who the audience is (beginner, for managers)
  3. What they will get from it (an action or outcome)
  4. Is the course’s main topic included?
  5. Does it communicate what this course will help students do? conveys value, incorporates action words
  6. Does it include top related keywords?
  7. Does it complement the title?
  8. Is it compelling enough to click on?
  9. Character recommendation is as close to the maximum 120 characters as possible.

To edit your course’s subtitle, go to the course builder > Publish your course > Course landing page > Course subtitle. 

SEO Best Practices

  1. Use simple, clear, and specific language
  2. Check for proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
  3. Ensure your potential student is the focus of all your CLP copy
  4. The copy is personal: use “you/your” for students and “I/me” for you, the instructor

Bonus: Drive enrollments

  1. Promotion video: Create a quick and compelling promo video  (2 minutes or less) that potential learners can watch that summarizes what you’ll teach in your course and how you’ll teach it. Think of this as the video version of your course landing page.
  2. Course preview: In the curriculum section, make sure you’ve enabled multiple lectures (at least 10 minutes) that showcase the most valuable/noteworthy content of your course for potential learners to preview.

Once you’ve optimized your title and subtitle, you’re ready for the next phase of optimizations with CLP Checklist 2.

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