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CLP Checklist 1: Titles, subtitles, and overall tips

Your course title and subtitle are the most important areas of your CLP to optimize. This is an opportunity to not only grab attention, but accurately represent what your course is about.

Here are some pointers, along with overall tips for your CLP:


  1. Is your main keyword included early (first three words)?
  2. Does it use words/phrasing that potential students are likely to search for (refer to your list of keywords)?
  3. Is it action oriented? Does it communicate achievement?
  4. Is it irresistible to click? (answers the searches intent/aspiration + compelling to click)
  5. Does it create an emotion that you want students to feel? Use words and modifiers that communicate accomplishment and value?


  1. Is the course’s main topic included?
  2. Does it communicate what this course will help students do? (conveys value, incorporates action words)
  3. Does it include top related keywords?
  4. Does it complement the title and make it even more irresistible to click?

Section/Lecture Titles

  1. Are they specific, concise, and accurately summarize what’s taught?
  2. Do they use phrases that make sense outside the context of the course and align with how students search lecture topic on Google (for example, “how-to” phrases)?

Overall Tips

  1. Is the language simple, clear, and specific?
  2. Is proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization used?
  3. Is the student the focus of all CLP copy?
  4. Is the copy personal, using “you/your” for students and “I/me” for instructors?
  5. Have you enabled multiple preview videos, showcasing the most valuable/noteworthy content?

Once you’ve optimized your title and subtitle, check out our CLP Checklist 2.