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CLP Checklist 2: Target audience, course goals, and course description

Now that you have your target keywords and solid titles/subtitles, it’s time to focus on other crucial sections of your CLP. The following sections help students decide if your course is right for them and are a great place to work in your keywords:

Target Audience

Before you begin editing, spend a moment thinking about your target audience. Understanding their needs and goals will help you write compelling copy and attract the right students to your course. No course is truly for everyone. Get specific.

  • Is the target audience a specific type of person with a particular goal?
  • Does the target audience include student level (beginner, advanced) and/or segment (for entrepreneurs, web developers), if applicable?
  • Does the target audience specify who the course is not for?

Course Goals

Another crucial part of your CLP that helps students make a purchase decision are course goals. These show up prominently under the “What you’ll learn” section.

  • Are there 4-6 clear, focused goals?
  • Do the goals align with the course content?
  • Do the course goals describe actions?
  • Does each goal start with a concrete active verb?
  • Do the goals incorporate your top keywords?
  • Are the goals realistic and achievable within the course?

Course Description

The course description is your chance to express what you have to offer and what makes you unique. It’s an art and science. You’ll want your passion, personality ,and style to shine through, but also set expectations for what the experience will be. When done right, this helps establish trust and keeps the reader engaged.

  • Does it start with a hook that speaks to students’ pain point(s) / goal(s) / aspiration(s)?
  • Does it explain what students will accomplish during and beyond the course (and the value of doing so)?
  • Is it optimized so that it is easy to follow (important info first, well categorized/structured, no big blocks of text, bold strategically)?
  • Does it list everything the course covers, incorporating your top and long tail keywords?
  • Does it describe activities/projects/material/groups included?
  • Does it include relevant background about why you are the right person to teach this course?
  • Does it set expectations of how engaged you are (how often you answer questions, update the course)?
  • Does it include accomplishment-oriented testimonials from other students?
  • Does it include calls to action to watch the promo video, free lectures, and enroll in the course?