Boost your brand with our Instructor Social Media Kit

We hope our new brand continues to make you proud to teach with Udemy.

And we hope you want to share it — and your story — with the world.

To keep everything on brand (as we say in the business), we’ve put together a collection of our logos, as well as graphics that you can use to identify yourself as a Udemy instructor. There are also guidelines for you to use when posting on social media, your blog, and other communications.

It’s important that when you’re representing the Udemy brand you follow these guidelines — just some simple rules to keep everything looking and sounding cohesive. Our preferred hashtag is #ITeachWithUdemy, and one of our favorite things is to see people use the “I teach with Udemy” on photos of themselves. Something that we hope reflects our shared passion for opening up knowledge and possibilities.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Review the Instructor Social Kit Guidelines for sizes and positioning
  2. Right click (or long press, if you’re on mobile) on the graphic below to save it
  3. Use Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, or an app like Pixomatic to add the image to your photo
  4. Share it on social or add it to your website
  5. Get even more graphics to share on your social media accounts

Get more graphics to share and best practices for posting on social media

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