What’s new with pricing and the Deals Program – February 2024

As a Udemy instructor, you likely build your monetization strategy based on our pricing models, promotions, and product features. Therefore, we strive to continually improve these systems to help connect the right learners with your courses. 


Last year, we focused on differentiating and establishing course value for learners, while increasing pricing transparency with instructors. Building on that foundation in 2024, we will continue refining marketplace pricing to accurately reflect course value. This includes adjusting for geo-specific economic trends and aligning pricing with planned product improvements on certification prep courses and other UB catalog content. We also plan to expand subscription options internationally to increase learner access and flexibility. Here’s what to expect in the coming months:


Price tier adjustments

We’ve released new adjusted price tiers that will affect the available price tiers across all currencies for all instructors, whether or not you participate in the Udemy Deals Program (excluding Japan). These changes aim to better reflect the economic conditions in various regions and introduce new price tiers to create more variation in certain currencies. Of note, there might be variations in price tiers on the Udemy mobile app

We recommend that you check your course prices to confirm your potentially adjusted price tiers. Based on the performance of similar adjustments, we expect neutral to positive impacts on revenue. As always, we’ll closely monitor the impacts and make any necessary adjustments based on the data.


New pricing strategies in Turkey

Similar to what we implemented in France last year, we will be decreasing the number of broad promotions and sales in Turkey over the next few months. Additionally, we’ll be significantly lowering our non-promotional prices so they are more closely aligned with our average selling prices. This pricing strategy will ideally help build consistent off-promotion revenue streams for instructors and establish the true value of a course to learners.


Certification prep and practice tests support

As noted in our November Instructor Insider, we are continuing to promote third-party badge certifications to meet growing learner demand and investing in new practice test features coming in Q1 2024. In support of these efforts, ​​we’ll test promotional and pricing strategies to highlight the additional value of these product updates for learners.


Establishing list price in more countries

Last year, we enacted a policy in the United States where newly published paid courses will be ineligible for promotions for the first 14 days, in order to make sure each course has an established list price before it gets discounted. This policy change is meant to build learner trust, responsible growth, and a healthy, sustainable marketplace. We’ve now expanded this policy to also include France and plan to include Turkey in the coming months.


Personal Plan expansion to more countries

Since launching in 2021, we’ve observed that Personal Plan continues to be a strong complement to course purchases, serving career-motivated learners who need more than a few courses to meet their goals. As a result, we’ve surpassed 100,000 paid monthly and annual Personal Plan subscribers in 2023. 

In response, we will launch Personal Plan in more countries this year, reaching up to 50 markets in 2024 as part of our global expansion. Markets that will start to see Personal Plan in the next few weeks include France, Turkey, Italy, and Poland, and the full list of countries can be found here. By expanding our purchase and subscription options in more markets, we hope to empower more individual learners across the globe with flexible, affordable learning opportunities.


We are implementing these changes thoughtfully, with instructor interests in mind. To the best of our ability, we will notify you in advance of any significant updates that could affect earnings. If you have questions about these pricing changes, feel free to let us know in the Instructor Community.

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