Upcoming changes to the Udemy Promotions Policy

At Udemy, we’re always growing and changing as we work to improve lives through learning. As our business and our programs continue to evolve, we periodically update the instructor Promotions Policy to ensure you can make informed decisions about your continued participation in our programs.

On November 4, 2020, we’ll make four updates to the current Promotions Policy. These changes affect different parts of the Udemy platform, but all are designed to encourage growth and reward great instruction.

1) Simplifying Udemy Deals

As we announced in April 2020, we’re sunsetting the Percentage Promotions program to move to a unified Udemy Deals Program, whose terms are already outlined in the current Promotions Policy. As we extend our differentiated pricing approach to include list price in most markets, this gives instructors a simpler, more intuitive choice when it comes to pricing: use Udemy’s marketing data to generate your list and discount prices, or exercise full control.

If you’re currently opted into Fixed-Price Promotions, your courses will automatically be included in Udemy Deals, and there is effectively no change.

If you’re currently opted only into Percentage Promotions and take no action, your courses will not be included in any new discount promotions after November 4, 2020. If you’d like to participate in Udemy Deals after November 4, please ensure you’re opted into Fixed-Price Promotions in advance of the change.

You can opt into or out of the Deals Program at any time as outlined in the Promotions Policy. To check or edit your current promotional agreements, click here.

2) Enabling price flexibility in Indonesia

Today, there are several country markets where “floor prices” (the minimum promotional price) are updated on an ongoing basis, rather than having a pre-set, specific floor price named in the Promotions Policy. This flexibility helps us respond quickly to changes in local market conditions and unlock growth in fast-moving markets. On November 4, Indonesia will be added to the list of countries with dynamic price floors, which already includes Australia, Mexico, and South Africa, among others.

3) Rewarding interactive engagement on Udemy for Business

Instructors participating in Udemy for Business are paid out based on monthly learning engagement (read more about the calculation here). To date, we’ve only included consumption of video content or practice tests when calculating monthly “engagement.” However, we know that interactive experiences like quizzes are an important part of the learner experience, especially on Udemy for Business.

Starting in November, we’ll include time learners spent on Udemy quizzes and coding exercises when we calculate Udemy for Business learner engagement and instructor payouts. As we add future in-course learning features, we’ll continue to update the calculation to ensure it’s the most accurate representation of learner engagement possible.

To take advantage of this change, ensure you provide engaging quizzes (and if applicable for your subject area, coding exercises) to help learners check and reinforce their progress.

4) Giving Udemy Subscription Program (“Udemy Pro”) terms an official home

In 2019, we introduced the initial pilot of Udemy Pro, a new product offering focused on learner outcomes. While Udemy Pro remains invite-only for the time being, we’re including its terms of participation in the Promotions Policy to simplify the experience of instructors who are currently included in the pilot, or who may be included in future iterations. Opt-ins to Udemy Pro will continue to be handled on an individual basis for now.

Thank you for continuing to improve the lives of students around the world by teaching on Udemy. If you have questions about these changes, please join us in the Instructor Community.

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