October improvements to the Performance dashboard

Engaging your learners is crucial to gathering strong reviews and building a loyal audience. We’re happy to report we’ve made some recent improvements to your Course Engagement dashboard to help you better identify where your learners are spending their time today, and where you have opportunities to improve.


  1. We’ve updated the way we calculate course consumption to better reflect overall learner engagement. Before, the Course Engagement page didn’t include time spent engaging on-platform practice activities like quizzes, practice tests, and coding exercises. Now time spent on these activities is included in your Course Engagement report.

    We also cleaned up the logic around details like repeat viewing and watch speed. For the curious: repeat viewing counts the same as first-time viewing, and two users watching the same video count as the same number of minutes consumed, even if they watch at different speeds. For those of you with content included in subscriptions (Udemy Business and Personal Plan), this updated way of calculating engagement is now consistent with the calculation used in the Revenue Report, which already included engagement with practice activities.

  2. We’ve introduced a new metric, minutes taught per active learner, to save you a trip to your spreadsheets and make it easier to compare engagement across courses. We heard from some of you that this metric provides a clearer idea of which of your courses are successfully driving learner engagement, and which might need some love to get learners moving. 

  3. We’ve added sorting capabilities to the Course Engagement summary report to let you view your courses in ascending or descending order in terms of minutes consumed, number of active students, or the new “minutes consumed per active student” metric. We hope this helps you prioritize your efforts when it comes to updating your courses or planning new ones. 

We hope these improvements help you continue to create great content that keeps your learners motivated, engaged, and loyal. We look forward to sharing more upgrades to the Performance Dashboard in the months to come as we focus on providing you with more powerful, more actionable insights.

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