Improve your Q&A with Featured Questions

Answering questions is a great way to interact with students, foster a loyal audience, and get new ideas to improve or create courses. While only a small number of Udemy students ask questions, many search or read existing Q&A, so it’s an important part of their experience.

If you get a high volume of questions, you can use Featured Questions to save yourself time and help students get quick answers.

Please note that Featured Questions are currently visible to instructors only. When you’ve had some time to create your Featured Questions, we’ll unveil them to students in early February 2021.

How do Featured Questions work?

When you mark a question as featured, it will appear at the top of your course Q&A, and the top of any relevant search within the course Q&A. So, students will see it before they browse Q&A or ask a new question.

You can feature an existing question and answer, or write your own. A question will remain featured until you remove the designation.

How should you choose which questions to feature?

Since Featured Questions appear at the top of the Q&A board, use them to highlight the most relevant, helpful content in your course Q&A. Examples include:

  • Frequently asked questions (the ones you’ve answered again and again)
  • Questions with lots of student upvotes
  • Questions that show the kind of support you provide
  • Questions that students may not ask, but are important for them to understand

How often should you refresh your Featured Questions?

Aim to refresh your Featured Questions as your course evolves.

If trends within your Q&A are consistent, you may not need to refresh very often. If you get lots of new questions per week, keep an eye out for new trends. Consider adding new course videos or revising existing ones if you’re seeing the same questions come up.

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